Wuhoo! Today I have a wonderful treat for all you raving fans of The Durrells of Corfu! There I was the other day, inviting wonderful Greek writer and actor Kostas Krommydas to my blog for an interview, and when he brought his photos over for our chat I couldn’t believe my eyes; turns out that Kostas plays in the eagerly awaited, third series of The Durrells! Join me today as I marvel through the behind-the-scenes photos he has brought, and let’s hear all about his fabulous novels too. Check out these fine specimens:

Interview with author and actor Kostas Krommydas from The Durrells of Corfu

Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

Wuhoo! Today I have a wonderful treat for all you raving fans of The Durrells of Corfu! There I was the other day, inviting wonderful Greek writer and actor Kostas Krommydas to my blog for an interview, and when he brought his photos over for our chat I couldn’t believe my eyes; turns out that Kostas plays in the eagerly awaited, third series of The Durrells! Join me today as I marvel through the behind-the-scenes photos he has brought, and let’s hear all about his fabulous novels too. Check out these fine specimens:

New release – Mystery romance

A tourist is found dead in Istanbul, the victim of what appears to be a ritual killing. An elderly man is murdered in the same manner, in his house by Lake Como. The third murder is the most perplexing of all: the priest of a small, isolated Greek island lies dead in the sanctuary, his body ritualistically mutilated.

Fotini Meliou is visiting her family on the island of Athora for a few days, before starting a new life in the US. She is looking forward to a brief respite and, perhaps, becoming better acquainted with the seductive Gabriel, whom she has just met. It is not the summer vacation she expects it to be. A massive weather bomb is gathering over the Aegean, threatening to unleash the most violent weather the area has ever seen…

Historical romance

Dimitri, a young actor, is enjoying the lucky break of his life—a part in an international production shot on an idyllic Greek island and a romance with Anita, his beautiful co-star. When his uncle dies, he has one last wish: that Dimitri scatters his ashes on the island of his birthplace. At first, Dimitri welcomes this opportunity to shed some light on his family’s history—a history clouded in secrecy. But why does his mother beg him to hide his identity once there?

Dimitri discovers that the past casts long shadows onto the present when his visit sparks a chain of events that gradually reveal the island’s dark secrets…

Hello Kostas, and welcome to my blog!

Great to be here, Fros. Thank you for inviting me!

You know, I love Greek historical fiction, and Cave of Silence sounds fantastic… Actually, I downloaded it as soon as I read the blurb and look forward to reading it! What inspired you to write this intriguing story?

Cave of silence is based on a true story which took place during the second world war. I heard it many years ago, way before I started writing novels, from our family lawyer. I told him then that I would write this story one day. He didn’t believe me.

What was the first thing you ever wrote and how old were you then?

I used to write poems when I was in high school, to let the girls know my feelings. It didn’t go that great, and I thought I wasn’t good at it. Little did I know then that a few years later I would be considered in Greece as the male author with the best insight in women’s psychosynthesis!

Wow, that’s amazing! What other writing have you done? Anything else published?

“Cave of Silence” was my first book translated into English and “Athora” has just been released as well. However, I have written four more bestselling novels in Greek, which have been traditionally published by Dioptra Publishing, one of the largest publishing houses of Greece. My next book in Greek is due in the end of April. All of my novels will be published in English in due course as well.

Other than a writer, you are also an actor. I’ve had the pleasure to see you in a couple of wonderful Greek TV series. What is the best/most fun acting job you’ve had so far, be it on TV or the theatre?

For the past five years, I have been committed to my writing. However, every now and then, I’ll pick an acting job that I like the sound of, just to keep active in that field. My last job was in the hit BBC series “The Durrells”.

You’re joking!

No I am not…

Oh my! Many of my readers love the show as much as I do! You’re in uniform, I see. What role did you have in the series?

I played the role of a chief inspector during the early 1930’s. It was a fantastic experience because the level of professionalism of the entire production was something very new to me. I felt respected as an actor and truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Would you like to tell us a little about the locations where the filming took place? How much work was involved in creating that nostalgic 1930s look that viewers love so much about the series? I imagine it must be easy in Corfu, given its timeless charm, to have this result on film with very little trouble indeed.

The scenes I did were filmed mainly in Corfu. I also traveled to London for a costume fitting. As you said, it is easy in Corfu to find suitable locations for a story set in a bygone era. Filming mainly took place in Danilia, in Bouas village.

Oh, that makes sense! Now I see why the locations look so authentic…

Note: Bouas Danilia Village was constructed in the 1970s by the Bouas family as a tourist attraction to showcase the traditional way of living on the island in the old days. Today, it is no longer open to the public; having been acquired by Grecotel it is now exclusively open to the guests of the nearby Corfu Imperial Grecotel Resort.

Yes, it’s an amazing place, quite magical. The buildings, and the whole set up seem so real…they truly make one feel transported back in time. It’s the perfect location for events, and for filming period stories.

What was your experience from playing in The Durrells? Did it feel any different to work with British actors for a change?

My work experience alongside the British cast has been exquisite. Everyone’s professionalism and the way they do things in general, are exemplary. The whole work environment has been very pleasant and everyone seemed to receive an equal measure of respect for their contribution to the whole. Personally, Callum Woodhouse, who plays Leslie, and I developed a special bond, seeing that I did most of my scenes with him. I feel compelled to mention Keeley Hawes too. My scenes with ‘Mrs Durrell’ stand out in my memory as some of the best scenes I’ve done in the series. I am astounded by her professionalism and talent. She is a superb actress and it’s been a great pleasure to work with her.

Were there any entertaining incidents that you could share with us? Did anything go wrong that maybe delayed filming at any point?

es, entertaining incidents while filming The Durrells are very common because of the animals that appear largely in the series. During filming my own scenes we had no general problems. That said, donkeys were always within earshot, and we’d often hear one braying loudly half way through a scene, which meant we had to do it all over again (*laughs*)

Were there any adoring fans present when you filmed in public places? How did the people behave? I hope you had no problems or intrusions…

No, no problems at all. People seemed generally impressed when they spotted us shooting scenes in public places. A few approached me from time to time and asked to be photographed with me. I was also invited to appear on local TV for an interview, which was nice.

Thank you, Kostas, for sharing behind-the-scene information and photographs from the Durrells. I am sure the big fans of the series among my readers will love it all as much as I did. Tell us, are there any hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your spare time?

I love sports! I play tennis, I go skiing and also play football with my friends. I enjoy the theater too, and spend a lot of time watching plays in Greece, London and New York.

Do you have any advice for other authors?

Don’t stop chasing your dream and don’t let anyone convince you that you are not good enough. NOW is the best time to make your dreams come true.

That’s so true… Do you have any pets?

I love dogs. My wife, daughter and I always wind up having stray dogs in our house. We now have a beagle named Cora, and we adore her. She is incredibly smart and cute and is a proper member of our family. Here is also an older photo of me with Naomi and Giselle. Sadly, they’ve both passed away now.

Beautiful little souls. I’ve been there, Kostas, many of my readers too. Enjoy the multitude of loving memories I’m sure they’ve left you with.

Oh they surely have. Thank you, Fros.

Would you describe your workstation for us? Are there any favorite objects you have there for inspiration?

I have a wall of pictures in my office that I draw inspiration from when I write. The pictures are of various characters that I’ve played throughout my acting career. Basically, it’s a mood board with notes of how these people look, their characteristics and what makes them tick. This huge board is very important, because it’s a road map that helps me stay on track while I tell a story.

All authors to some degree find it hard at times to sit down and write. Discipline is required to set aside the time, to battle against inner fear/anxiety, and to block out distractions in order to settle into a regular writing routine. What is your experience with all that? And if you have any tips, resources, or insights for other authors who struggle to put their butt on the chair and write, please share.

Sit down and write! It is pretty much as simple as stepping into your office. As Picasso said: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” At first, you may have to edit out a lot of your writing, but at some point inspiration kicks in and something wonderful begins to happen.

Do you listen to music while you write and, if so, what kind?

Yes! Each book has a musical theme, and I like to listen to something appropriate while I write. All the senses are important to write a book, and listening to the right music is an integral part of my process.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To be able to travel through time.

Oh, that would be awesome, I agree (*chuckles*). Any other photos you wish to share?

Just one more; a photo of my wife, Marina Gioti, and me.

What a beautiful black-and-white photo… By the way, I look forward to my interview with Marina next month. Her children’s books look amazing, and so do her own illustrations in them… You’re both so talented, and so successful in Greece, I expect English-speaking readers will be glad to discover you both soon as well, now that you have decided to expand your reach beyond the Greek borders. Thank you for your time today, Kostas, and for doing me the honor to share exclusive photos from The Durrells. This was a blast!

It’s my pleasure, Fros. Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my work. I hope you will enjoy the third series of The Durrells; and Cave of Silence too, of course.

Oh, I am sure I will!

When Kostas Krommydas decided to write his first novel, he took the publishing world of his native Greece by storm. A few years later, he is an award-winning author of five bestselling novels, acclaimed actor, teacher and passionate storyteller. His novels have been among the top 10 at the prestigious Public Book Awards (Greece) and his novel “Ouranoessa” has won first place (2017). He also received the coveted WISH writer’s award in 2013 as an emerging author.

When not working on his next novel at his family beach house in Athens, you will find him acting on theatre/film/TV, teaching public speaking, interacting with his numerous fans, and writing guest articles for popular Greek newspapers, magazines, and websites.

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