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Book review: Athora by Kostas Krommydas

AthoraThis book was a wonderful surprise. Before picking it up, I had already read two other books by Kostas Krommydas. I’d loved them both, finding the common threads of tragic love and twists of fate utterly compelling. Athora’s storyline is equally riveting and heartrending but in different ways and truly stands out among this author’s other novels.

From the first few pages of Athora, I was drawn in and couldn’t put it down. This is a full-blown murder mystery and one of the best I’ve ever read. Being highly reminiscent of Dan Brown’s world-famous bestsellers, truly, the only difference was the setting – a tiny Greek island in this case. Non-stop action and intrigue kept me turning the pages insatiably, down to the reveal of the killer at the very end. The brutal murder scenes are chilling and quite masterful. But even more so than the murders, it was the unprecedented storm that plagued the tiny island of Athora that set the mood for me and swept me away as I read.

Highly descriptive writing from an author who seems to own a magic magnifying glass that allows him to look deep into the psyche of his characters. Being lifelike beyond measure, I had trouble keeping them away from my thoughts for a few days after finishing the book. Whether you like murder mysteries or Greek island reads, this is a must and, most likely, your next favorite read!

My rating:

5 stars

A real page-turner!