Lake of Memories

Lake of Memories | Kostas Krommydas

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In Paris, a dying woman is searching for the child that was snatched from her at birth over twenty years ago.

In Athens, a brilliant dancer is swirling in ecstasy before an enraptured audience. In the first row, a young photographer is watching her for the first time, mesmerized. He knows she is stealing his heart with every swirl and turn, yet is unable to break the spell.

And on the Greek island of the Apocalypse, Patmos, a man is about to receive a priceless manuscript from a mysterious benefactor.

Destiny has thrown these people together, spinning their stories into a brilliant tapestry of romance, crime, and timeless love. How many memories can the past hold? Is a mother’s love strong enough to find the way?

Based on a true story, Krommydas’ award-winning book firmly established him as one of the top Greek authors of his generation.

Original  title in Greek: «Μη με Λησμόνει»

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