A love shared is a love doubled.

They say that when someone saves a life, they save the whole world. My life changed the day Antonis rescued me from certain death. I stuck to my course, kept to the arduous path winding through my kind of heaven. I became more attuned to nature, at one with it, like an animal silently making its way through the thick woods. Antonis became my companion, climbed the peak of love with me. And yet, fate had other plans for us…

There are those who gift us pieces of their heart so that we can mend our own. Those who wait for that perfect moment when love blows like a cool breeze. You can’t surrender to love’s glory if you think of the end from the start. Not if you hope to discover your own slice of heaven. Your Evora. Ariadne.

Original title in Greek: Εβόρα

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