Dominion of the moon

Award Winner, Public Readers’ Choice Awards 2017

In the final stages of WWII, archaeologist Andreas Stais follows the signs that could lead him to unearth the face of the goddess who has been haunting his dreams for years, all the while searching for the woman who, over a brief encounter, has come to dominate his waking hours. In present-day Greece, another Andreas, an Interpol officer, leaves New York and returns to his grandparents’ island to bid farewell to his beloved grandmother. Once there, he will come face to face with long-buried family secrets and the enigmatic Iro. When gods and demons pull the threads, no one can escape their fate. Pagan rituals under the glare of the full moon and vows of silence tied to a sacred ring, join men and gods in a common path.

Lena Manta

“Ouranoessa… One moment, you are lost in the beautiful imagery. The next, your guts tighten and you can’t wait to find out what happens next. Magical and seducing, it will take you on the journey of a lifetime.”
— Lena Manda, best-selling author.

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Effrosyni Moschoudi

Oh my! Having read and enjoyed Cave of Silence by this fine author I started reading Dominion of the Moon expecting a good read and the same sort of book, but I’ve experienced so much more! Highly mystical and mysterious, this book had me riveted from the first few pages. My father hails from the Greek island of Limnos and I’ve visited the Kaviria archeological site there – it’s similar to the one described in the book at Samothraki where Kavirian Mysteries were also said to be held in antiquity. Therefore, being already familiar with these dark ancient gods, I was fascinated by the story of the cult and its secret gatherings, and felt totally immersed in it.

The romance was sweet and tender, both in the case of the tragic archeologist and his grandson all those years later. Tragedy and hardship struck the former repeatedly in his life and I followed it all with a broken heart. I felt so close to this character and ached for the catharsis in the end that would see the members of the cult paying for their evil deeds.

The ending, as painful as it was for some of the characters, was utterly satisfying. I highly recommend this fresh, original story. The emotions it stirred in me as I read ebbed and flowed in my heart like the tide, exploding at times like a raging storm, similarly to that very special scene in the book.

The island of Samothraki comes alive through the pages, making me want to visit it at first opportunity. The love of Kostas Krommydas for this island is palpable and utterly magnetic. 5*

Intriguing story loved the different times portrayed. Totally enjoyable read.
Mrs Angela Millett (AMAZON) 5*

I really enjoyed the story in fact I couldn’t put it down. This is the second book from this author I would recommend this to all my family and friends.
Carole Webster (AMAZON) 5*